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Who we are

What is Richmond’s Hope?

Richmond’s Hope provides support for children and young people aged 4-18 years who have been bereaved. The charity provides a safe space for children to work through their grief both verbally and non verbally, to preserve memories of the person who died, to explore their feelings, to be given coping strategies and to understand the impact the bereavement has had on their lives.

As each child’s grief is different, we provide individual programmes of care for each child. Our dedicated team of bereavement workers support children on a one to one basis.

We are also passionate about educating individuals and groups about the language surrounding grief and offer training and interest visits. The training we offer to external organisations aims to raise awareness of young people’s grief and how it affects their lives.

“Everyone here is so nice. From very first contact you just felt something good was going to come out of it.” – A Visitor

These are the aims that we seek to achieve in our work:
  • To make Richmond’s Hope a place where bereaved children can work through their grief and have the support, information and help to allow them to manage the impact of death in their lives
  • To enable the children to express and understand their emotions, and work through their grief using verbal and non verbal ways, in the safe environment of Richmond’s Hope
  • To increase bereaved children’s self esteem by enabling them to meet others and share experiences
  • To increase public understanding of the social, practical and emotional needs of bereaved children, their families and other caregivers
  • To create individual programmes of care for each child (each child’s grief is different)
  • To be a charity in which local people, carers, schools and other agencies will have complete confidence

This is our Mission Statement

We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of children who have been bereaved by supporting them through their grief using therapeutic play providing a safe haven for them to work out their feelings.

The Meaning Behind our Rainbow Logo

The rainbow is trying to convey the muddled mix of emotions that can be felt after a bereavement, like anger, sadness, loss, confusion, guilt, abandonment etc.  Through attending sessions at Richmond’s Hope, children and young people can channel their emotions into a rainbow representing hope and happiness within the sadness.  (Where there is a rainbow, there must be sun amongst the rain).