Creating a Memorial

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life in the Memorial Chapel in Richmond Church came about because a group of people in the church felt it was important that there should be a way of remembering people who have died within the community. The tree was designed to be in the shape of a Weeping Willow with leaves displaying the names of those who are being remembered. At the moment we only have one tree but we are hoping that all of our different centres will, in time, have their own memorial for children and families to use. The Tree of Life at Richmond’s Hope Edinburgh, was made by Peter Douglas, Colleen O’Neill and Justine Blair

Who Can Put a Leaf on The Tree?

Anyone who has a connection with the church or Niddrie and any child who attends or has attended Richmond’s Hope can put a leaf on the tree.  Forms are available from the staff or the church.  The cost of a leaf is £12.50. This is to cover the cost of the leaf engraving, Memorial Book, candle etc. (if children who attend Richmond’s Hope wish to put a leaf on the tree the cost of this will be met by the charity)

What will be inscribed on the leaf?

We would like each leaf to have the same format. It should say ‘In Loving Memory’ or “In Remembrance of” and then the name and date or age of the person who has died. Sheets are also available for a Memorial book.

The book is so that people can put more than is possible on the leaves. Photographs, poems, tributes or anything else about the person who has died can be put in this book.

Candles & Flowers

There are votive candles around the foot of the tree. You may light these if you wish to remember those who have died. There are also small vases for single flowers. It is not possible to leave other memorials in the chapel (e.g. larger bunches of flowers or soft toys) but it is possible to put larger bunches of flowers in the main sanctuary of the Church.

Position of Leaves On The Tree

Once leaves are on the tree we would ask people not to remove them for any reason.