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How We Can Help

The death of someone who has been important to us can shake our whole world not only as adults but also as children.    Sometimes it is hard to talk about the person and how we feel within the family.    Children, in particular, often find it difficult to say how they are feeling.    Some will manage within the family setting but others will need help to express all of the emotions associated with thier loss.   Richmond's Hope has experience of helping children do just that....over the years we have worked with over 1900 children who have suffered a bereavement that has been traumatic for them.    Here's what one of the children said that they would say to a child who wanted to know what it was like coming to the project.

They said " It's good. Go! You get to do stuff and you don't feel left out anymore and you have someone to talk to if things worry you." 

So what do we do?

When someone contacts us we will listen over the 'phone and fill out a referral form.   Then we will arrange to meet with  you and your child at home or at our playrooms to find out if it would be beneficial for your child to come to Richmond's Hope.    

It's important that children want to come to the project and we will do everything we can to make them feel welcome.

Children who come to Richmond's Hope will work one to one with one of our workers for 40 minutes once a week  for up to 12 sessions.   (Please note that these usually take place on weekdays between 9am and 5pm)

The next pages will tell you a little bit more about what takes place during these sessions.