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Memorial Chapel comments from parents/carers

  • "It's a beautiful area"
  • "It's helpful to look at everything there book, candles and leaflets."
  • One mother described how her child had taken a family friend to visit the Memorial Chapel, to show her all of what he had done there (children are encouraged to put a copper leaf with the name of their loved one on the Memorial Tree, to leave poems or other bits of writing, light candles etc).
  • "Everyone here is so nice. From very first contact you just felt something good was going to come out of it."

Comments from Children who attended Richmond's Hope

  • "It's good. Go! You get to do stuff and you don't feel left out anymore and you have someone to talk to if things worry you."
  • "You can spend time without anyone else and nothing gets back to anyone else. You know you are free to." "That it helps."
  • "I couldn't tell anyone what happened to (name), but now I can"

Quotes from Teachers, Parents/Carers

  • "The support of Richmond's Hope has enabled her to obtain support from her school. She is more able to articulate her feelings without resorting to pretending to be ill etc."
  • "I was fortunate enough to visit before knowing child A was going to attend. I was most impressed particularly by the staff and the lovely calm feeling. Would it be possible to make more people aware that you are there and the great work you are doing"
  • "My child is talking to me a lot more and doesn't get upset as much when we talk about his dad"
  • "It has helped my daughter a great deal, therefore also helped myself and her mother."
  • "There is nothing I would change. It is such a wonderful place and the staff are kind and friendly and know how to get children to communicate their feelings."
  • "I hope they realise this place saves lives! The difference that it made to my child and myself is indescribable."

Quotes from referrers

  • "It provides a service for young people and children who have experienced death. We have no other service for our team."
  • "Richmond's Hope has offered an excellent support mechanism for the children and families we have referred."
  • "Very helpful, professional and efficient."
  • "Both our referrals were picked up and acted upon very quickly not a normal experience for us when dealing with outside agencies."

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